WHAT are we doing to demonstrate that?


Utilities are among the nation’s most capital-intensive industries, and our projects support jobs and economic development. The strategic investments Ameren makes in regulated infrastructure—reliability upgrades, environmental enhancements and service improvements for homes and businesses—create value for customers and shareholders alike. In 2016, Ameren invested $2.1 billion in the energy infrastructure serving Missouri and Illinois. We’re making the grid smarter while looking to the future to identify a long-term, sustainable investment pipeline.

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The Illinois Rivers Transmission Project directly aligns with our goal of providing reliable, efficient and environmentally responsible energy.

Progress continues on the $1.4 billion Illinois Rivers Transmission Project, the largest single non-nuclear project in Ameren’s history. This 345-kilovolt transmission line will span approximately 375 miles. In 2016, eight substations went into service and four line segments were energized, including this one joining substations on both sides of the Mississippi River near Hannibal, Missouri. These were milestones for a project that addresses regional reliability needs and greater access to renewables.

Planned Capital Investment Allocation 2017-2021

Looking ahead, we plan to invest $10.8 billion in regulated infrastructure from 2017-2021, allocating 63% of our capital to electric transmission, Illinois gas distribution and Illinois electric distribution; and 37% to Missouri operations.

  • $1.4 Billion

    Ameren Illinois Natural Gas

  • $2.6 Billion

    Ameren Illinois Electric Distribution

  • $2.8 Billion

    Ameren Transmission

  • $4 Billion

    Ameren Missouri

Issued and effective as of Feb. 16, 2017, earnings call.


Our investments in electric and gas transmission and distribution reflect our commitment to modernize the grid. Meanwhile, over the next five years, we expect coal generation will decline as a percentage of our rate base.


Ameren’s strategy is to invest in rate-regulated energy infrastructure which, when coupled with relentlessly improving operating performance and advocating for responsible energy policies, will deliver superior customer and shareholder value. In 2016, Ameren worked to enhance regulatory frameworks in Missouri and Illinois.


Missouri established its regulatory framework in 1913. It is one of only four states that has not updated its framework to support grid investment and economic development. Ameren actively supports efforts to update Missouri’s regulatory framework. This would enable the state’s electric utilities to replace outdated infrastructure faster; increase the pace of renewable and smart grid investments; and give consumers more choices, convenience and control. Importantly, it would help grow Missouri’s economy and create jobs.



In recent years (starting in 2011), Illinois has been updating its regulatory framework to encourage electric and natural gas infrastructure investments. The state was recently rated No. 2 in the nation by the National Grid Modernization index for creating an environment that encourages investment. In 2016, electric distribution formula ratemaking was extended through 2022; the passage of this important legislation paves the way for Ameren to continue implementing a world-class energy infrastructure modernization program for central and southern Illinois.