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WHAT are we doing to show that?

Keeping Energy Reasonably Priced

The energy delivered by Ameren Missouri and Ameren Illinois remains competitively priced, and we know Ameren customers consistently rank “energy price” among their chief concerns. Price is particularly important for low- and fixed-income customers and for businesses seeking to launch or expand.

Even though our prices are comparatively low, some customers need extra help. We partner with social agencies to administer bill assistance programs funded by company, customer and government contributions, and we offer a variety of energy efficiency programs that help residents and businesses use less and spend less, too.

Average Residential Electric Prices
(Edison Electric Institute “Typical Bills and Average Rates Report” for 12 months ending June 2016)

Providing Service You Can Count On

Whether powering business or cooking dinner, our customers expect their energy to be there when they need it. Our way of life and the health of our economy depend on reliable electricity and natural gas. We’re continually updating electric and natural gas infrastructure to provide service our customers can count on—and providing accurate, timely information to customers through the channels they prefer.


Upgrades to Ameren Missouri’s Sappington substation in St. Louis County are minimizing its footprint and reducing the likelihood of outages. We’re replacing original vintage equipment with smarter technology. Learn more about our investments in Missouri.


At our new natural gas control facility in Decatur, Ill., Ameren co-workers ensure the safety and reliability of a large transmission and distribution system for customers in both of the states we serve. Learn more about our investments in Illinois.

Reducing The Frequency of Outages

Ameren’s electric distribution reliability performance has improved, as measured by the System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI). This important industry benchmark shows how we have reduced the total number of interruptions per customer served per year.



Giving at a Glance

Ameren supports a variety of causes because we believe our giving should be as inclusive as the communities we serve. Here is a breakdown of our 2016 charitable contributions — more than $7.3 million total given to approximately 1,000 nonprofit organizations.

Living, Working & Giving in Our Communities

Our company and co-workers share a proud history of local involvement. We believe stronger communities foster a better quality of life for all through improved educational opportunities and sustained economic investment.

  • Ameren gives to worthwhile local causes through grants, scholarships and sponsorships.
  • Our employees generously support nonprofits through volunteerism, donations and local leadership efforts.

One way we’re demonstrating this is through our new Dollars for Doers program. It’s designed to help organizations that our co-workers are passionate about by providing grants to nonprofits at which they volunteer. In 2016 (the first year grants were given), Dollars for Doers funded more than 40 nonprofit organizations within our service territory—with nearly 4,500 co-worker volunteer hours recorded.

Dollars for Doers

in Illinois + Missouri

Stopping Scammers in their Tracks

Ameren is continually improving safety performance in our workforce and with customers. Not only do we protect the public around our equipment, we also work with law enforcement to protect customers from would-be thieves. Scam artists may pose as utility representatives and pressure people for their personal or financial information—Ameren NEVER demands this type of information for immediate payment. In November 2016, Ameren joined forces with nearly 100 utilities nationwide to raise awareness of scam tactics.

Learn more about stopping scams.

Keep Your Personal Information Safe

To report a suspected scam, call 1.800.755.5000 (Illinois) or 1.800.552.7583 (Missouri)

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On the Phone

NEVER give cash, buy a pre-paid credit card or share card numbers with someone who threatens to disconnect your service claiming your bill is unpaid.

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At Home

NEVER let anyone into your home claiming to be from our company unless they show a proper Ameren badge I.D. (Shirt logo does not qualify.)

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NEVER open attachments unless you’ve contacted your utility for information.