WHY do we demonstrate a responsibility to our environment?

Ameren’s co-workers live, work, lead and volunteer in the Missouri and Illinois communities we serve. As such, we care deeply about protecting our shared environment. That’s why we work to reduce emissions and waste, preserve natural resources, increase the use of renewable and other forms of cleaner energy and create programs to encourage energy efficiency.

At the same time, Ameren must establish a balance between the benefits to the environment and costs that can impact our economy and our customers’ quality of life. We believe a sound environmental policy benefits all stakeholders by enhancing the communities we serve.


  • Cleaner, more renewable and diverse power-generation sources
  • Responsible energy policy
  • Reduced environmental impacts
  • Water conservation and quality
In a changing energy landscape, Ameren is not content to take a back seat. Our Technology Applications Center (TAC), a joint venture with the University of Illinois in Champaign, facilitates research and development around advancing technologies. In December 2016, we completed installation of a microgrid at the TAC. This project sources and stores power produced by distributed generation (solar and wind) and features energy storage and advanced automation. Businesses and entrepreneurs also can access the TAC for on-grid testing to help take their innovations to the next level. Pictured here are Ameren Illinois employees inspecting the new 250 KW Energy Storage (battery) system.