HOW are we performing?

As part of our sustainability initiative, Ameren has sought to assess our performance—what we’re doing well and what we can do better. Members of Ameren’s Corporate Social Responsibility Steering Committee collaborated to consider enterprise-level categories, areas of success and areas for improvement. Additional guidance was provided by our Executive Leadership Team and subject-matter experts. In this area, we asked, “How well does Ameren balance providing reasonably priced service to our customers and the communities we serve with limiting the impact on the environment?” Our assessment covers the past several years and is current through March 1, 2017.

Priorities Successes Opportunities

Cleaner, more renewable and diverse power-generation sources

Helping improve regional air quality by reducing our SO2 levels by 63%, reducing NOx levels by 44%, and reducing CO2 levels by 26% from 2005-2016.

Installing and optimizing mercury control technology at our Labadie, Meramec, Rush Island and Sioux energy centers as part of efforts to reduce emissions, making the air cleaner. Reduced mercury emissions by 63% since 2014 and 44% since 2015.

Operating enhanced particulate control technology at our Labadie, Meramec, Rush Island and Sioux Energy Centers to ensure that emissions are significantly below current state and federal air quality requirements.

Enhancing the air monitoring network at our Labadie Energy Center. Measurements there and at air monitors near our other energy centers in Missouri continue to indicate there are no air quality issues.

Beginning use of natural gas at Ameren Missouri’s Meramec Energy Center to produce energy with lower emissions for customers.

Investing nearly $100 million in safety upgrades, including a dry cask storage facility, to the Callaway Energy Center, which is recognized as one of the safest and highest performing non-carbon-producing energy centers in the United States.

Working to responsibly transition Ameren Missouri to a cleaner, more renewable and diverse generation portfolio.

Evaluating opportunities to develop and use locally sourced fuel sources, such as agricultural biomass.

Investing $2.8 billion in Federal Energy Regulatory Commission-regulated transmission infrastructure projects from 2017-2021 to help bring renewable power to the Midwest and maintain and improve reliability.

Completing a $52 million project at the Osage Energy Center to ensure this clean energy source remains an integral resource for decades.

Implementing two pilot solar programs to increase the amount of solar energy generated in Missouri.

Responsible energy policy

Advocating for responsible energy policies and working with federal and state regulatory agencies to develop energy policies that reduce emissions and protect the reliability and affordability of electricity for all of our customers.

Implementing the Missouri Energy Efficiency Investment Act 2016 plan. It features a budget of $158 million, a portfolio of customer energy efficiency programs, energy savings of 571 gigawatts and demand savings of 167 megawatts. The total benefits as a result of these energy efficiency programs are expected to reach nearly $425 million over the next 20 years.

Receiving financial and regulatory certainty through 2022 in the state of Illinois following the enactment of the Future Energy Jobs Act. The law also bolsters the state’s energy efficiency programs and investments in renewable energy.

Developing public policies that recognize the energy grid as the key to a reliable, sustainable and reasonably-priced and clean energy system. State and federal agencies can modernize economic regulations to encourage utilities to build and operate a more modern and smarter energy grid.

Preparing Ameren Missouri’s 2017 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), which will provide the necessary framework to responsibly transition to a cleaner and more diverse generation portfolio over the next 20 years.

Reduced environmental impacts

Recycling more than 129.6 million pounds of material in 2016, including copper, steel, aluminum, plastic and wood. Ameren voluntarily participates in the EPA’s WasteWise program.

Increasing single-stream recycling tonnage thanks to co-worker efforts to divert office waste from disposal in landfills.

Marketing 58% of coal combustion residuals for use in cement or for other beneficial uses from the Rush Island Energy Center, avoiding the placement of these materials in a landfill.

Holding events such as the annual Adopt-the-Shoreline Cleanup at Lake of the Ozarks. In the 25 years since the program began, thousands of volunteers have worked to clean the shore and remove debris. In 2016, volunteers removed nearly 50 tons of trash.

Achieving recognition in 2016 by the Arbor Day Foundation as a Tree Line USA Utility for the 16th consecutive year for demonstrating practices that protect and enhance trees across Ameren’s Illinois and Missouri service territories.

Converting an empty building into The Hub, where the company’s Innovation Action Teams collaborate to share ideas, test theories and meet with other innovative thinkers in the energy technology space. Low VOC finishes, LED lighting and reclaimed materials are some of the efficiencies made throughout the facility.

Installing 58 electric vehicle charging stations at Ameren-owned facilities across the service territory.

Transitioning some Ameren fleet vehicles to electric rather than gas-powered.

Continuing our proactive approach to environmental stewardship by engaging in voluntary remediation at former manufactured gas plants in Illinois. Work is underway in Alton, Belleville, East St. Louis, Kewanee and several other locations.

Sponsoring Saint Louis University’s Sustainable Business Speaker Series in 2016, an event that engages industry stakeholders and thought leaders.

Enhancing habitat for wildlife and birds, including eagles and other raptors, by planting more than 8,000 trees and shrubs on three islands in the Mississippi River covering 61 acres.

Sponsoring education programs in area schools, monitoring Peregrine falcon nests at our energy centers and sponsoring the Starved Rock State Park Eagle Days.

Developing an Eagle Construction Area mapping effort to provide greater protection of bald eagles in the Ameren service territory.

Working to identify additional water-conservation opportunities at our office facilities in Illinois and Missouri.

Strengthening community partnerships and relationships related to sustainability and environmental stewardship, and seeking additional opportunities in Illinois and Missouri to raise awareness of the importance of these matters.

Enhancing our plan of action to become an industry and community leader for sustainability and environmental stewardship throughout our service territories in Illinois and Missouri.

Fostering environmental stewardship innovations in our supply chain.

Seeking out and deploying innovative remediation technologies at 15 former manufactured gas plant sites to increase efficiencies and further reduce potential impacts to surrounding communities.

Establishing a biodiversity policy at Ameren, with a goal of sustaining habitat for plant, animal and aquatic life.

Transferring a 144-mile stretch of the former Rock Island rail line to the state of Missouri as part of the Rails to Trails Program. In 2016, Ameren salvaged about 38.5 million pounds of material along a 77-mile stretch.

Coordinating a system-wide review of over 100 substations for possible avian-safe design improvements and incorporation of retrofits across our Illinois service territory.

Water conservation and quality

Implementing comprehensive forward-thinking plans of action in response to the EPA’s coal combustion residuals (CCR) rules, which designate that CCRs be managed as a solid, non-hazardous waste. The rules apply to our Labadie, Rush Island, Sioux and Meramec energy centers.

Carrying out our plan of action in response to the EPA’s revised effluent guidelines for the steam electric power sector. The plan will ensure the water in our region remains safe and clean. As good stewards of the environment, Ameren Missouri is committed to protecting all natural resources, including water.

Implementing water conservation efforts at Ameren facilities in Illinois and Missouri, including our St. Louis headquarters.

Continuing to investigate opportunities for water conservation and evaluate water availability and resource adequacy.

Participating in the Interagency Task Force to update the Missouri State Water Plan, as well as the Missouri River Recovery Implementation Committee, to assess and determine actions to enhance water resource management.