WHAT are we doing to show that?


Ameren is committed to investing in more clean energy that is delivered reliably and affordably to our customers. We are working on two forward-thinking solar generation programs that will be part of Ameren’s transition to cleaner energy generation.


This provides options for customers to choose and create customized energy generation portfolios that match their interests in solar energy. The program offers the opportunity for customers who want to support solar energy, but cannot or do not want to install private solar infrastructure on their own homes. It’s a new way for customers to help manage their energy use and account-management options.


In this innovative program, Ameren will partner with commercial customers in the region. It is a unique way for large customers to play an active role in bringing more clean energy to all of our customers. A collaborative lease partnership allows a customer to lease property for Ameren to install its equipment for solar generation. The intent is to have the first solar partnership energy center installed and operational in 2017.

Learn more about these and other solar energy efforts.

Investing to Improve Air Quality

Ameren has achieved dramatic decreases in SO2 and NOx emissions over the past 25 years, despite society’s growing energy needs. In Missouri, we have made substantial investments to improve air quality.

  • In 2016, we enhanced the ambient air-quality-monitoring network at Labadie Energy Center to ensure that air quality continued to comply with emissions standards. The Labadie network, along with the monitoring network at Rush Island Energy Center, continue to indicate there are no air quality issues. Concentration levels are more than 50 percent below federal standards, which the EPA defines as fully protective of public health and have a margin of safety for the most vulnerable in the population.
  • In addition, we have installed and optimized mercury control technology at our Labadie, Meramec, Rush Island and Sioux energy centers as part of efforts to reduce emissions, making the air cleaner.
  • In April 2016, Ameren Missouri’s Meramec Energy Center began using natural gas to produce energy for customers. This allows Ameren Missouri to keep Meramec units 1 and 2 available and comply with environmental regulations by using lower-emitting natural gas.

Learn more about our efforts to manage emissions and greenhouse gases.

Ameren has realized dramatic emissions reductions. Among other actions, we have made significant investments to improve air quality.

Labadie Monitor

Ameren is confident our network of air monitors (such as at Labadie Energy Center, shown here) is proving that air quality near our energy centers is good. We will continue to monitor actual SO2 emissions to demonstrate compliance with Environmental Protection Agency standards.

CO2 Emissions

Down 26



Down 44


SO2 Emissions

Down 63


*Ameren Missouri emissions for calendar year 2016 compared to 2005.

Responsible Land Owners

Ameren is connected to the land that helps power our business, so we must protect that land for future generations. This means undertaking a range of efforts, some of which include:

Remediating Manufactured Gas Plants (MGP)

We are evaluating and remediating former MGPs. Representatives of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) and Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) help us oversee technical aspects of the cleanup work in both states, and they also are involved in community outreach.

Responsible Landfill Storage

A state-of-the-art dry landfill is now in use at Labadie Energy Center. With a sophisticated clay and liner system to protect groundwater, it is the most robust design of any landfill in the state. This type of storage is a best practice solution for coal ash and is a responsible action for the environment.

Managing Coal Ash

Rules from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) related to coal combustion residuals (CCRs) took effect October 2015. The rules apply to our Labadie, Rush Island, Sioux and Meramec energy centers. Ameren has an aggressive and detailed plan—using the best science and engineering available—to close all of our ash ponds to meet these new EPA guidelines several years ahead of the required timeline. These plans represent the safest and most efficient approach to closure. See more on CCR management.

Protecting Water

Although our facilities are geographically situated in an area of ample water supply, we have made conscious decisions to conserve water in the design and modification of our facilities.

We track water levels on surrounding watersheds. This daily data informs our use of hydroelectric generation and can alert us to any stressed water level conditions. Historically, water availability within our system has not been cause for concern.

The Clean Water Act establishes limitations on discharges from industrial sources such as energy centers. The DNR, through the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program, regulates effluent from our energy centers including our cooling-water discharges. The Sioux Energy Center permit renewal is underway. We expect that the DNR will take action on our permit renewal applications for our Rush Island and Meramec energy centers and issue revised permits in the near future. A new Labadie Energy Center NPDES permit became effective in 2015 but is undergoing further review.

Discover more about our efforts to protect water.