Our Approach

WHOM do we engage with on key issues?

Listening to—and learning from—diverse stakeholders helps our company make better long-term decisions. Here are some groups Ameren regularly interacts with, along with examples of engagement.


    Without customers, our business doesn’t exist. We take seriously our responsibility to power the quality of life for each person in our service area. Ameren regularly polls customers about their interactions with our employees and their satisfaction with our company.

    Our Customer Experience teams study surveys and polls throughout the year. These are among the top factors that drive satisfaction with our customers:

    • Power quality and reliability
    • Billing and payment options
    • Price

    People see Ameren’s infrastructure every day in their neighborhoods. Our people seek to be equally visible to keep communities informed and to field questions. We meet with municipalities, civic leaders, elected officials, neighborhood associations, emergency responders, educators, local media and more. We also provide speakers on a variety of topics to schools, community groups and civic organizations.

    • In 2016, Ameren salvaged more than $200,000 worth of fair market value office equipment and supplies.
    • Ameren funded 40 nonprofit organizations within the service territory, with nearly 4,500 co-worker volunteer hours recorded in 2016.