SEE our actions involving environmental stewardship

Balancing the needs of our environment and customers is important to Ameren. We take part in and support a wide range of programs to protect the environment, preserve wildlife and educate future generations. Here are a few of the many ways our actions are making a difference.


Saving Raptors in Illinois

When a Harris’s hawk got loose during a educational presentation at Starved Rock State Park, three Ameren Illinois linemen came to the rescue. The 7-year-old hawk still had its leash on and could have become entangled in nearby vegetation or power lines. The linemen safely returned the hawk to its handler.

In Missouri, Methane to Megawatts

Our Maryland Heights Renewable Energy Center takes something nobody wants—gas from decomposing landfill waste—and turns it into something everybody needs: reliable and environmentally responsible power. It’s one of the most advanced landfill-gas-to-electricity projects in the country.

Rails to trails:

Ameren is in the process of transferring a 144-mile stretch of the former Rock Island rail line to the state of Missouri. We see it as a tremendous opportunity to create a world-class hiking and biking trail that will boost tourism and stimulate economic development for communities along the line stretching across the state—from Beaufort, about 60 miles southwest of St. Louis, to Windsor. As a community partner in the transformation of the line, we have been working for years to complete vegetation and salvage efforts and aim to transfer the property to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources in 2017.

Preparing for electric vehicles:

Ameren is transitioning a portion of its fleet to electric vehicles in support of this clean technology to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality. In the process, we are also providing key resources and information to help customers make a decision on buying or leasing an electric vehicle.

Falcon watch:

Peregrine falcons have now raised 19 chicks inside a nesting box, 168 feet above the Sioux Energy Center. The popular FalconCam live-streaming camera received nearly 2,000 views a day over a two-month span when the eggs were laid and the chicks hatched. Working in partnership with the Missouri Department of Conservation and the World Bird Sanctuary, the falcons were banded for future research on the species.

Shoreline management:

Ameren Missouri oversees shoreline management at the Lake of the Ozarks under provisions of our operating license for Bagnell Dam and the Osage Energy Center. This year marked the 25th anniversary of the Adopt-the-Shoreline Cleanup. In 2016, volunteers removed nearly 50 tons of trash. Ameren Missouri sponsors the cleanup, providing administrative support and trash bags as well as paying for disposal.

Planting trees:

Each year, Ameren Illinois partners with local communities to replace trees that were damaged or uprooted during major storms. Ameren Illinois provides financial grants to purchase new trees, and employees work with local volunteers to re-plant them in the community.

Managing vegetation:

We manage vegetation on rights-of-way along power lines for safety and to prevent, where possible, vegetation from causing service interruptions, especially during severe weather. Our vegetation program promotes both dependable service and sound arboriculture practices—promoting healthier forests and sustainable compatible vegetation while increasing reliability. As needed, we modify structures and/or install equipment that helps avian wildlife to co-exist with our facilities.

Water conservation:

Water is essential to our daily lives. Ameren is committed to water conservation efforts throughout our service territory. Limiting water usage should be an everyday practice.

Green building efforts:

Ameren converted warehouse space into an efficient, inspiring spot for our Innovation Action teams to gather. It’s named The Hub. Low VOC finishes, LED lighting and reclaimed materials are some of the efficiencies made throughout the facility. Our Innovation Action teams, comprising co-workers from both Missouri and Illinois, collaborate to share ideas, test theories and meet with other innovative thinkers in the energy technology space. Early successes include the launch of an electric vehicle charging station pilot and the deployment of drones to inspect equipment (image below).

The Hub: A Green Building for Innovative Thinking

Ameren Hub Spot