SEE our balanced approach to planning and risk management

Shareholders care how we mitigate risks, including those related to environmental, social and economic factors. Our level of exposure can influence our access to capital, which affects our ability to make reliability or environmental upgrades while keeping energy prices reasonable. It is our social and fiscal responsibility to identify risks before they affect the enterprise so that we can take timely steps to mitigate these risks. This is why our company takes an integrated approach to business risk management:

Ameren Risk Management for shareholders
For a discussion of risk factors, please see our 2016 Form 10-K as well as quarterly filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

We engage about 350 people

–from operating personnel, to subsidiary presidents, to the Board of Directors.

Risks are identified, assessed, prioritized and mitigated

at the operational level, and then rolled up to segment levels for visibility and vetting.

Our ongoing participation in the Electric Power Research Institute’s

Energy Sustainability Interest Group also helps us to better understand material issues facing utilities.

Ameren has created dedicated innovation teams to develop a view of the company in 2030. The teams are helping to identify actions that Ameren can take now to position our company for long-term, sustainable success. Focused on the convergence of various technologies that could significantly affect the energy industry, we at Ameren are taking a proactive approach by piloting innovations in drone technology, solar technology, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, microgrids and energy storage, to name a few.